Apple’s Notices On Phone Hacking Should Have Blown Up Govt: Rahul Adani No 1, Not Modi

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NEW DELHI, Oct 31: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said Apple’s email alerts to him and a large number of opposition leaders that “State-sponsored attackers may be targeting” their iPhone mobiles “to remotely compromise” them are like dynamites that should have blown up the governments, but nothing happened.

Addressing a press conference at the AICC headquarters here, he switched to the menace of “monopoly” by industrialist Gautam Adani and said today No 1 in India is not Prime Minister Modi but Adani and Modi is only working under him. “We used to think the Prime Minister is No 1 and Home Minister Amit Shah is No 2, but it is not so. Adani is No 1, Modi No 2 and Amit Shah No 3,” he said.

Once monopoly used to be in business, but today it is everywhere in CBI, Enforcement Directorate, Airports and Railways, all controlled by Adani who has blown way lakhs and along with them the jobs that the youths aspired, Rahul said.
He narrated an old Indian story of a Raja (King) against whom the people’s attacks didn’t harm him. A sage (rishi) said they were not attacking the Raja’s soul that rested in a parrot in cage and you destroy the parrot, the Raja will be finished.

That soul of PM Modi is Adani in whose hands is the real power, including the government agencies and who has today the monopoly over ports, airports, agriculture, food grains storage, cement and what not, Rahul explained.

“We won’t back out. Phone tapping makes no difference to me as he is optimistic that the Opposition will gain the new tools to fight back the kind of this Adani monopoly,” he asserted.

He said the country’s future rests on justice and that is why he has been pressing for the caste census as a sort of the X-ray to get the data on the people for the next step of India’s development.

Rahul said the Congress is continuously fighting for the “Idea of India” which includes free press, fair business practices and defence of truth, not the political fights. He said the elections are only one step and the results will be known in the upcoming Assembly elections.

Rahul said the people are still not aware of the significance of the monopoly, the way it is dominating the country and affecting everyone.
Adani in coal; Adani in Airport, Adani in ports…..
“Due to this, today India is getting divided into two parts:
— Pro-monopoly — Adani’s control.
— Anti-monopoly — public control.”

Rahul said the snooping by all means begins as soon as the Opposition attacks Gautam Adani for his monopoly.